I Want a Jimmy Buffett Life

I have the vague notion that I want a Jimmy Buffett life. Let’s see if I can define that more specifically and maybe come up with some tangible goals to get me there. I’m actually not a huge Buffett fan but for some reason a Jimmy Buffett lifestyle is what comes to me when I think of how I’d like to live.

1. Cut loose from the 9-5 work world.

2. Live close to some body of water where I can dive, kayak, swim, snorkel, eat seafood and do any number of other water sports.

3. Enjoy life with few worries.

Impossible! You may say. There are always worries. Especially for someone like me who has quite a bit of the type A personality. But I also take after my Dad, who is very mellow, so I think if I cultivate that side I’ll be able to de-worrify myself a bit.

So what’s all this lifestyle analysis about? My little baby has made it clear to me, I need to get my act together. Everything I do, all the decisions I make, all the priorities I set, will be soaked up by Charlie. Luckily, I don’t expect this takes effect for another year or so, so I have some time. But when he’s old enough to model himself after his parents, I want to make sure we’re good models.

There’s one thing I want to teach him. Well, actually two. The first one will be easy because both my husband and I excel at this – be kind to others. The other one is harder because both my husband and I struggle. Learn to enjoy life.The other part to this is, learn to create the life you want. Lifestyle design.

Timothy Ferriss’s best-seller The 4-Hour Workweek pretty much sums up what I think is ideal.For those of you who haven’t read the book, Ferriss has discovered that by creating passive income streams and outsourcing most of the day-to-day maintenance, it’s possible to only put in four hours a week and still make a decent enough living to fund exotic travel and other fun hobbies.

Now it’s true, Ferriss is a single man in his twenties, but I’m willing to bet that with a little tweaking these strategies can work just as well for a married couple with a baby or two. Therefore, I’m commiting myself to staying focussed once and for all.

Right now I have four projects that are fleshed out enough to talk about on this blog.

Kindle eBooks – In light of Amanda Hocking’s extraordinary success, I’ve decided to get rid of my hang-ups about self-publishing and give it a shot. I’m publishing a serial, a series of short novellas centered around Jessie Smith, The Accidental Virgin. They’re light and campy. The tagline, A Little Bit Nancy Drew, a Little Bit Dr. Who, says it all.

Niche Site – I’ve been reading a lot about building successful niche sites that will bring in passive income with little work after the initial setup. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income started a friendly competition with a colleague last year to see who could be most successful with a niche site started from scratch. They documented everything along the way and this is mostly what I’m following to set up my own site. There is a lot to learn!

Publishing my novel the traditional way - After taking a break from searching for an agent, I’m ready to put myself back out there again with my middle-grade novel Bear Bay: The Soul of Peace.

A Litte Life – I’m committed to blogging here regularly on the above topics and more.

So those are my areas of focus for now. As things come up and flesh out, I’ll be adding some more in the future. I’ll be writing in more depth about each of these in future posts. And if I find myself getting distracted, discouraged or unmotivated all I have to do is look at this face to get me back on track. It’s all for you now, Charlie.100_0812


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