I am here

That is, I was here until my iPhone inexplicably erased my blog post. Then I was gone. Now I guess you could say I’m back briefly as I grab a few minutes of precious online time at my parents. So here I am for now.

I’ve moved. I stuffed, and I mean STUFFED, a Penske full of all my living necessities and high-tailed it out of Little Florida Coastal Town and into Little Alabama River Town.

Charlie, Gonzo and I will be hanging out here for the month, setting up house and crucial things like Internet, while the husband/dad wraps things up back home. Guess I can’t really call it home anymore, can I? (tiny sigh)

I must say, I’m not the best at moving. No matter how great the circumstances are I feel a little horrible being so uprooted. But being out of one’s comfort zone is never a bad thing so I am having faith that the slightly panicked feelings will soon subside and excitement will remain.

Charlie, may I say, is  doing brilliantly. He’s has multiple safe rooms to crawl around in. He’s helping me unpack. He reminds me daily that this is really a fun adventure.

I hope very much that I can get steady online access soon. Then I’ll be back on this blog blogging away.

I hope all my fellow mommy bloggers are doing well. I can’t wait to catch up on your posts.



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