Day of oops

My husband called me between meetings this evening to ask me how my day had gone. I told him it was a day of extreme happiness and hilarity, a few spots of frustrations, a dash of anger, and gosh darn it, my replacement coffee maker still hasn’t arrived by fed ex.

I’m packing and I had a particularly heavy box of office supplies and I thought I would just roll it down the stairs. Didn’t work.

Box oops.


Then I dropped a dish and Gonzo was thrilled because he’d been trying to get the plate from me all morning. Hmm. Maybe he’s responsible somehow?

Dish oops.


Okay, and THEN…I couldn’t catch Charlie before he did this. Okay, that’s a lie. I saw exactly what was happening and sat back and took pictures.

Water bowl oops.


Then I tried to convince my husband that we could sneak Gonzo into an art gallery. He said no.

Gonzo oops?


But all the oopses ended with the antithesis of all that is oops. Finally, a good pic of my husband, a little peace and quiet, happy, happy, happy.


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