Breastfeeding Positions


(To my Dad and brothers – this gets graphic. You’ve been warned.)

The Punching Boob

He doesn’t do this much anymore, maybe he’s become more sensitive to Mommy’s feelings, but for a while Charlie would punch my breast when the milk wasn’t coming out fast enough. A strong left hook. Bam, bam, bam. He’d do it throughout the course of the feeding so maybe it helped.

The Gentleman

Now he’s much gentler and is more apt to stroke my breast with the back of his hand, turning it around and around in circles as he eats. So sweet.

The Great Experiment

But my favorite is when he eats a little, then sucks on his fingers a little. A little boobie, okay let’s try the fingers. Milk, no milk, milk, no milk.  Fascinating!

Lazy Boy’s Dinner

Some lactation consultant refered to this as the Frat Boy but that made me feel icky so let’s just go with Lazy Boy’s Dinner. A strong let down, a little spray. All Charlie has to do is kick back and open his mouth. I think he wishes this would happen more often.



  1. lol love love love this!!!

  2. You’re cracking me up! I’m just now catching up on your posts as my blogroll was broken and your link wouldn’t show up. I love this!!!

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