My dad and I have this thing where we try to find things we can eat growing wild in the woods. Did you know you can eat kudzu? And those nasty sticker vines – if you get the young shoots in the spring, you can sauté them in butter and they aren’t so different from asparagus. But right now it’s all about blueberries. They’re everywhere. About half the size of the ones in the store and slightly more tart (which I like) but they’re fun to pick and I get a great feeling of independence like if the zombie apocalypse happened right now, I’d be able to survive off blueberries alone.

Charlie loves them. I think he was getting sick of bananas. Now I just have to get used to the blue poop.


Yeah, I remember last time you gave me blueberries. Came right out the other end.


Got these out of the woods, you say…


Whadya mean you only picked a handful. You were out there an hour!


All gone.


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